**How to login using SSH keys**

For this guide, we are going to be using the application called Putty as shown in the rest of our guides. You need to have created an SSH key already to do this.

Step 1: Once Putty has installed, it also adds a program called PuttyGen, locate and open this application.
Step 2: Press Load on the application and locate the file you saved from the previous guide. You may need to check which files you are looking at, it by default looks for .ppk files so make sure you switch to all files.

Step 3: Press Save Private Key and then save the file somewhere you will be able to find.
Step 4: Return to Putty, and on the side section, head to Connection, followed by SSH and then make sure you select Auth.

Step 5: Press browse and locate the .ppk file saved from step 3 and open it.
Step 6: On the sidebar, click back on Session and connect to your vps.

###**You have now connected using your SSH key.**
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