Minecraft | How to Merge the Nether/End into the World Folder

This process will convert your world_nether and world_the_end to your world folder.
This process is a must if you want to still use your Nether world and End world when converting to a Vanilla version especially with 1.17. Spigot/Paper to Vanilla

Stop your server first from the console.

This is what it should look like if you convert your Server to Vanilla

Open the world folder and delete the folders called DIM-1 and DIM1

Delete the two Folders with Check

Open the world_nether folder and you will see DIM-1

Here is what it should look like

Right click on DIM-1 and click Compress
This is to make a backup of your world in case you did something wrong.

After you made the backup. Right click again and click Move
Referring to DIM-1 Folder and not the .tar file

Should be the folder

Delete the _nether and it should only be world/DIM-1

Follow the Instructions

The folder that you move will be gone and you can see it inside the world folder.

If you also want your End World to be converted, you can just do the same steps again but on the world_the_end
You can now start your server and enjoy your Nether and End.

All done! Your server will work as long as you follow the instructions
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