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This is how you can upgrade your server to 1.17 with Skynode!

This is for Java, Refer to this if you are on Bedrock Bedrock 1.17 Update

With the caves and cliffs update part 1 now out, you can go ahead and update your server to 1.17!

Step 1: Stop your current Minecraft server.

Step 2: Delete the current server.jar in the Files section of the server.

IMPORTANT You must switch your Java version to Java 16! Follow the step below (3) on how to do that, or read our full guide on how to do it here.
Step 3: Change your server's Java version to 16. You can do this in the panel by clicking on Server Details and by selecting Java 16 in the dropdown under Docker Image. Remember to click the Save button (next to the dropdown) after setting it to Java 16.

Step 4: Install the new server.jar. This can either be done by using our jar installer Configuration -> Jar Installer -> Vanilla -> Vanilla 1.17 [Latest] or download it from and upload it yourself. Click here for more help on uploading server.jar files!

The Vanilla, Bukkit, and Spigot jars are available to install. Paper has not yet been released for 1.17.

(Optional) Step 5: Reset your world, this can be done by deleting the world folder. This will ensure that all terrain in your world is 1.17, without this, only newly generated chunks will contain the new ores and structures.

Step 6: Press start in the console to start the newly upgraded server!

Step 7: Have fun playing on your 1.17 server!
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