Upgrade server version
This is how you can upgrade your server from 1.15 to 1.16 with Skynode!

The new Nether Update is out and this is how you can go ahead and update your server from 1.15 to 1.16! This is only for Vanilla server there is no plugin support for 1.16 yet!

Step 1: Stop your current Minecraft server.

Step 2: Delete the current server.jar in the Files section of the server.

Step 3: For Spigot/ bukkit servers delete the file world_nether if you just want to reset the nether or delete the files world, world_the_end and world_nether to completely start over.

For vanilla servers delete the DIM-1 folder go to world and select DIM-1 and press delete, if you want a fresh start delete the world folder.

(if you have changed the world file it will not be called world but the name you named it)

Step 4: Install the new server.jar by using our jar installer. Configuration -> Jar Installer -> Vanilla -> Vanilla 1.16 [Latest] or download it from Minecraft.net and upload it yourself.

Step 5: Press install and wait till the new server.jar is intalled.

Step 6: Press start in the console to start the new upgraded server!

Have fun playing the new 1.16 server!:

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