New Server Owner Guide

This is a guide for those who are new in starting their own Server with SkyNode

All of the informations can be found on
When you visit your panel, your server will be listed there.
You can see the Server ID, Server Name, Node, Connection (IP ADDRESS), Current Players(--/--), Memory (RAM based on plan), CPU Usage and STATUS of your server.

When you click "View" on your panel, you will be promt to your Server Console
This is where you can perform all of the commands that only a server owner can do.
You can make your self a server operator here. How to Make Yourself OP
You can also see here the current logs on your server like who joined and who left along with their UUID and IP Address.
Your server console SHOULD NOT be showing texts on fast pace, it if does, it means that there's something wrong on your server so you should open a ticket about it on the Discord

Server Management, a tab on the left side of your panel.
Server Details - You can change here your Server Name, Credentials of your SFTP, Server Information, Service Information, Update your Subdomain (, and Port Allocation for some plugins like Votifier and Dynmap
Console - is the console of your server, Refer to the number 2 for full details
Files - This is where you can see your server files, DO NOT delete anything that you do not understand and left them by default unless you know what you are doing or you are following some guides.
You can do the following on this section.
How to Allow Cracked Players to Join
Changing the View Distance to Reduce Lag
Uploading a Custom World
How to Set your Server Icon
How to Install Datapacks
How to Set a Custom Resource Pack
Server MOTD
Server Optimization
Plugins - How to Install Plugins on your Server
Subusers - How to use Subusers/Multiple Account
Modpack Installer - You can choose which modpacks you want and just click Install.
Cloud Backups - This is where you can make a backup of your server that is provided by SkyNode, you can create a backup and restore them from there.

Configurations, a tab on the lower left side of your panel
Jar Installer - You can install server jar from there and their advanctages are located at the right side.
Ticking the Box on Install will wipe your server files and make a fresh new server
How to Install a Forge Jar
How to Install a Magma Jar
Server Properties - This is where you can change the properties of your server, if you do not understand it, it's better to left things by default.
Startup Settings - You should not change anything here unless you are installing Fabric on your server
Databases - This is where the credential of your databases can be found.
Schedules - You can Set up an Autoamtic Server Restart. Setting up an Automated Schedule

All Done! You are now capable of managing your own server with SkyNode!
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