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Panel | How to Create a Public Renewal Page for a FREE SERVER

How to Create a Public Renewal Page for a FREE SERVER

You can create a public renewal page for your server, so that your players can renew your server for you.

1. Go to your panel at

2. Select your free server.

3. Click on Renew Page in the menu.

4. You can now fill up the blank spaces
The URL may only contain letters, numbers, and dashes.
The url must be at least 5 characters.
The content must be at least 50 characters.
Reward Command
example "eco give %NAME% 500", the player who renewed the server will be rewarded with $500.00.

5. Click on Save Renew Page.

6. The Link will be at the right side that is color GREEN
This will be the link that you will have to share to others so that they can renew your server.
There are also informations about who renewed your servers at the bottom

If your free server is currently suspended, the public renew page will be unable to start the server. The server owner must login to the panel and renew it themselves.

All Done! You can now share the link to others so they can renew your free server for you!

Updated on: 22/09/2023

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