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Terraria | How to Change your Server Version Terraria Vanilla

Terraria | How to Change your Server Version Terraria Vanilla

This process require the knowledge of using SFTP. Learn How to Manage Files using SFTP

Download the Version you want on this link Terraria Version Download

Open your SFTP and login using the credentials on your panel

On the right side, delete the folder called "saves"

On the left side, Locate the Terraria Version you downloaded
Example: terraria-server-1405

Open the folder called "Linux"

Upload all of the contents of Linux Folder to your Server Files (Right Side)

Click Yes to Overwrite All when it appears.

After you're done transferring. You can now start your server.

NOTE on Terraria Server Version
Once you start the server, it will give you an error like this


Go to your Files and Locate the saves > Worlds

You can see that the server failed to generate the world
This is a known bug for

Upload an already Generated World to the Worlds Folder
It is world.wld and world.wld.bak

Then Start the Server on Console

All done! You can now play on your desired Server Version!

Updated on: 21/05/2021

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