Terraria | Mobile - How to Delete/Reset World

This guide is for Terraria Vanilla Mobile

1. Login to the control panel at https://panel.skynode.pro

2. Click Console on the left and if your server is started then press Stop to turn it off.

3. Select Files from the navigation on the left.

4. Click on the following directly /home/container/.local/share/Terraria/Mobile and delete your World.

This will be your world directory.

5. Upload your world file here
Example: I uploaded the world file called Skynode.wld

6. Now that you're done uploading, Go to Startup Tab

7. Under Variables, in World Name
Enter the name of the world file you uploaded, make sure it is the same.

8. You can now restart your server.

All done! Your Terraria Terarria Vanilla Mobile world has now been deleted/reset.
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