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Ark | How to Connect to your Server (STEAM)

Ark | How to Connect to your Server

Login to and Select your Server

On Overview Copy your IP Address and Port. In this example, it is but delete the port 7731.

You only need the IP Address and not the port.

Go to Startup Tab at the Bottom Right

Find your Query Port. In this case, it is 27091

Now, add that 27019 after the IP Address that you copied on Step 2. We now have

Open your Steam

At the Top Right, Click on View and Servers

Click on Favorites Tab

Click on Add a Server, Paste your IP Address and Port (Which is`), and click Add this Address to Favorites

You can just click on Connect at the bottom to join.

Other Methods of Connecting

First Method

Open your Steam app and go to Library

Right Click and Open Properties

Enter +connect You'll have to replace the with the IP and PORT of your server

Your IP and Port can be found here

Second Method

Once you added your server to your Favorite Tab, Open your game.

Click Join Ark

At the bottom left, Select Favorites

Click on your server and click Join

Updated on: 28/07/2022

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