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Minecraft | Adjust or Disable Moving too Quickly on Console

Minecraft | Adjust or Disable Moving too Quickly on Console

This tutorial only works for server that is running on Paper/Spigot
Not for Vanilla Servers/Forge Servers

What happens?

Horse moved wrongly!
Horse (vehicle of somePlayer) moved too quickly!
Skeleton Horse moved wrongly!
username moved too quickly!

Why is this happening?

This warning is generated every time a player moved to a position or at a speed which the server thinks is impossible. This can happen spuriously, as the assumptions the server makes aren't quite the same as what you can actually do (the server doesn't analyze the player's exact inputs), or it can happen due to an attempted cheat, or due to the world changing as the player attempts to pass through it (e.g. player moves through a block the server knows about but the client hasn't seen yet due to latency).

Possible Fix

Go to and click on your server.
Don't forget to STOP your server.

Go to File manager in top menu.

Locate spigot.yml file and open it.

You can edit and increase the value of these two. If you make it higher, the server tolerance to speed will also increase.

*moved-wrongly-threshold: 0.0625
*moved-too-quickly-multiplier: 10.0

Increasing this values depends on how high you want it to be. You can increase it experimentally to still see cheaters on your servers and you can disable it by simply making it really high (max tolerance)

All done!

Updated on: 28/08/2021

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