Minecraft | Cannot invoke "com.google.gson.JsonArray.iterator()" because "☃" is null

This error might occur because of the following:

1. Invalid banned-ips.json
2. Invalid banned-players.json
3. Invalid whitelist.json

You might remember the last file you edited out of this three, and most of the time, this error ocurrs when you try to remove players from this list.

How to fix it?

1. Go to your Files

2. Locate one of these folders**
If you do know what you edited out of this three, you can open that last file right away.

3. The file should look like this

4. Simple put [ ] (it's a bracket without space at the middle) on the first line and save the file.

5. It should look like this

Without space

6. Start your server and you should now be good to go!

If your this doesn't fix your issue. Please do open a ticket on our discord.

All done! You've just managed to fix the problem on your server!
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