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Minecraft | How to setup a free subdomain on Skynode

How to Setup a Free Subdomain on Skynode

A subdomain is a connection address to your server. You can join your server using this address, and it's easier to remember than an IP address.

Step 1. Go to the panel and press on your server you'd like to set the subdomain on.

Step 2. Go to Overview in your server panel.

Step 3. Look out for a box called "**Sub-Domain**".

Step 4. Type in the start of the subdomain you'd like it to be. (e.g. ServerName

Step 5. Move to the down from the name and press on the box, then select an ending you like. (e.g. ServerName

Step 6. Press Save to save your subdomain.

Great work! You now have a custom connection address (subdomain).

Updated on: 29/08/2021

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