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Minecraft | How to use Pre-Generate your World with Chunky

Minecraft | How to use Pre-Generate your World with Chunky

Map pre-generation is critical to lag removal. Do it before you even touch your server files but you can also do this even if you have an existing world

Go and Install Chunky Plugin to your server

Set a reasonable border distance and generate your map using the plugin commands.

1,000 Blocks Wide is typically 1GB of Storage. So, if you set your world boarder to 5,000, it will take 5GB of your Storage

The hours it will take depends on how many blocks you set the world boarder.

It is best to do this when no one is playing on your server as it will make your server lag in the process of pre-generating since it is using too much hardware.


Task Management

chunky start Starts a new chunk generation task from the current selection
chunky pause Pauses the current chunk generation tasks, and saves progress
chunky continue Continues running current or saved chunk generation tasks
chunky cancel Stops the current chunk generation tasks, and cancels progress

Basic Selection

chunky world <world> Sets the currently selected world
chunky shape <shape> Set the shape to generate
chunky center [<x> <z>] Sets the current center block location
chunky radius <radius> Sets the current radius

Advanced Selection

chunky worldborder Set the center and radius to match the world border in the selected world
chunky spawn Set the center to the spawn point
chunky corners <x1> <z1> <x2> <z2> Set the selection by corner coordinates
chunky pattern <pattern> Set the preferred generation pattern


chunky silent Toggle displaying update messages
chunky quiet <interval> Set the quiet interval in seconds for update messages
chunky trim Delete chunks outside selection

All done! Your world should now be pre-generated!

Updated on: 09/07/2021

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