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Minecraft | Installing a Magma jar file

Installing a Magma jar file

A warning in advance, Magma is being made to run both mods and plugins and is currently being worked on. As such, expect incompatibilities or unintended effects when running this type of server.
This guide will be walking you through making a clean install.

Step 1: head to to download the latest server.jar released jar file(save it as "server.jar").

Step 2: Login to your panel and select the server that you wish to install Magma on.

Step 3: Click on 'Files' in the sidebar.

Step 4: Select all the files, then click "Mass Delete".

Step 5: Now drag and drop your jar file into the file manager section.

Step 6: Wait for the jar to finish uploading (The progress bar will turn green once it is done) and then refresh the page.

Step 7: If you didn't name the jar file "server.jar" when downloading it, click the three dots next to the uploaded jar file and press 'Rename'. Select all the text and type exactly "server.jar", once you have press Enter.

Step 8: Go back to the 'Console' page and click start, your server will start running. After a little bit a 'EULA Acceptance' popup will appear. At this time click "I do not Accept".

Step 9 Return to your file manager and open up your new "mods" folder. Upload whatever mods you want your server to run here using SFTP or Dragging and dropping the files.

Step 10 Go to the 'Console' page and click start, This time you're going to click "I Accept" on the 'EULA Acceptance' popup.

All done! Enjoy your freshly installed Magma server!

Extra: If you need help installing plugins too you can refer to this guide:

Updated on: 11/01/2021

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