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Minecraft | Only up to Java 15 is Supported

Minecraft | Only up to Java 15 is Supported

If you are one of the people who tried the Latest 1.17 Vanilla update and wanted to go back to 1.16 because it doesn't have Paper or Spigot yet, this guide is the best for you.

The error looks like this

Go to Startup in top menu.

On the right side, Docker Image Change your Java version to Java 11 and click to save.

Start server and you're good to go.

Why did this happened?

The latest 1.17 Vanilla Update is only available to play with Java 16. While the 1.16.x version of Spigot and Paper only do support up to Java 15. You will need to downgrade your Java version in order to play with 1.16.x Spigot/Paper.

All done! You should now be able to play again!

Updated on: 28/08/2021

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