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Billing | What are Dedicated IPs

What are Dedicated IP's

A Dedicated IP means your server uses the default port for Minecraft (25565) This means you do not need to include the port at the end of the IP when connecting. The only change with a Dedicated IP is the server address entered when connecting to your server. For Example:

no.dedicated.ip:12345 / yes.dedicated.ip

Does Skynode Offer Dedicated IP's?
We offer Dedicated IPs for $3 per month as an add-on to all services - simply click Yes for a Dedicated IP in our checkout. Get your Server and Dedicated IP here:

How do I get a Dedicated IP?
If you haven't purchased your server yet, you can get the (25565) IP by selecting the option for a
Dedicated IP at checkout. Example, in the image above. If you have purchased the server already, please open a ticket on our Discord, or hop into our LiveChat for assistance.

Updated on: 11/01/2021

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