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What plan should I pick?

This is determined by lots of factors, but we have tried to make it simpler to choose.

Your choice should be mainly affected by these factors:
Server Usage
Player Count
Amounts of Plugins or Mods

Server Usage
By server usage we mean how your server will be used. If you are buying your server to play survival with a couple of friends then the following applies will be fine, 1GB for 1.8-1.12, 3-4GB for 1.14, 2GB for 1.15. But if you are going to use it for high paced pvp battles with crazy enchantments we would recommend a premium server.

Player Count
This is determined by how many players you are expecting to have on your server. The more players you are expecting the more RAM you will need on your server. A general rule of thumb is 15 players per GB of RAM.

Amount of Plugins or Mods
The amount of plugins or mods heavily impact the amount of RAM your server uses. Mods generally use a lot of RAM, for a modded server we recommend at least 6GB of RAM for your server if you are running a modpack. However this differs for every modpack.
The amount of RAM plugins use differs a lot for each plugin, however a general rule of thumb would be 30 plugins per GB of ram, this can have exceptions if you are using small or big plugins.

I hope this can give you a little better view on what plan you should pick, but if you still don't know, don't hesitate to open a livechat in the bottom right corner of our website to ask us.

Please note: The rules of thumb given here are a raw estimate, not a guarantee that it will work.
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