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Minecraft | Custom World

Custom World

This article will guide you how to upload a custom or existing world to your vanilla server. No plugin needed. 

Before proceeding, please prepare and install the following first.
Install SFTP Client Panel | How to manage files using SFTP
Get your world folder and prepare it for uploading. Do not ZIP it, keep it as folder.
Stop your server.

Uploading Custom World

Connect to your server files using SFTP Client Panel | How to manage files using SFTP
Upload your world folder.

Your World folder should have no space, instead of use space, use underscore For Example: New_World

Once it's finish uploading, go to Panel > Server Properties

Locate Level Name and change it to your world name, and save. Example:

Default LEVEL NAME is World, I changed it to New_World since it is the name of the world folder I uploaded.

If you cannot see this, you can also go to File Manager > server.proeprties.txt

Start your server.

All done! Enjoy your server!

If your file is less than 100 MB. You can follow this video guide

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Updated on: 07/06/2023

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