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Minecraft | How can Xbox Players Connect to your Bedrock Server

Minecraft | How can Xbox Players Connect to your Server

Configuring Xbox DNS Servers

On the home dashboard, press the middle Xbox button on your controller and navigate to Settings located under Profile & system.

Navigate to Network settings > Advanced Settings.

Locate the DNS Settings option and select Manual.

Set the value of Primary IPv4 DNS to

Set the value of the Secondary IPv4 DNS to your desired second DNS. For this example, we will be using Google's DNS

Press the Back button on your controller to test your connection.

Connecting to your server

Go to your and select your server.

Go to your Console and on the top right, you will see your IP and PORT.
This is just an example and the IP Address on your server will be different

IP address is and the Port is 19262

Open Minecraft on the Xbox and click Play

Go to Servers and select any of the Featured Servers available

Once in-game, click Connect to a Server.

Enter now your Server's IP Address and Port from Step 2.

Click Submit and Play on your Server

If you are having trouble following the guide, please contact us by creating a support ticket on our Discord server.

Updated on: 29/08/2023

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