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How to change the version/server type of your server using the Jar Installer

Go to the panel.

Go to your server page.

Make sure you're in the Change Version section.

(Please look at the picture below before reading this step) First you'll need to select the server type (listed as #1 in the picture below), you can find all the description about the server types on the right (listed as #3 in the picture below). After you're done selecting the server type you'll need to select the version you'd like (listed as #3 in the picture below).

1. Server Type; 2. Server Version; 3. Server Type Description

To complete the installation of your new server version/type please press the Install button. (You can see the image of the button below this step)

Note: don't select the Wipe Files (Reset server completely) button if you don't want your server to be reset completely.

Great work! You've successfully changed your server version/type.
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