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Minecraft | How to edit your Server Properties easily

Minecraft | How to edit your Server Properties

The server settings allow you to turn on and off whitelisting, edit the Message Of The Day, Enable Flying, Set Max Players and much more!

Login to your

Click on your Server

On the server Console, Stop your Server First.
Always stop your server when doing any changes

Click on Server Properties in the top menu.

5 You can now edit anything you like, we recommend not to touch anything that you do not understand.
You can submit a ticket on discord or ask the community-support of discord if there's something that you do not understand.

Some things that you can Edit
Gamemode - To set your desired Gamemode
PVP - To turn it on and off
Difficulty - To set your desired Difficulty
Level Seed - To Generate your desired Seed
Allow Flight - To Fly
And many more

You can now click on Save at the Bottom of your screen and Start your Server by going to Console

All done! You now learned how to manage your Server Properties Easily

Updated on: 29/08/2021

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