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Minecraft | How to Fix Corrupted Playerdata

Minecraft | How to Fix Corrupted Playerdata

This will reset Inventory, Achievements and Levels of the player.

How to know if a player's data is corrupted?

When the player is the only one that cannot connect to the server
If the server crashes every time a certain player connects to your server.
If you did something like a mistake of giving players a hundred thousands or million of diamonds or any other items through command

First, find the playerdata's UUID

Go to File Manager

Open usercache.json

Find the username of the corrupted playerdata and there should lie the UUID of the player inside the bracket.
Example a95abefe-de43-3b29-ab4a-cd115c647b80

Go to your world folder and open playerdata folder

Find the UUID of the player and delete it. There should be two file .dat and .dat.old

Restart the server and try again to connect

If you have any other questions, you can submit a ticket on our Discord or create a Billing Ticket.

Updated on: 23/11/2021

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