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Installing datapacks
This guide will be walking you through installing datapacks on your Minecraft server.

Step 1: Download the datapack that you'd like to use on your server. These come in a .zip file format.

Step 2: Login to your panel and select the server that you wish to install the datapack on

Step 3: Click on 'File manager' in the top menu.

Step 4: Go to the folder named world, then inside the world folder move into the folder named datapacks

Step 5: Drag & Drop the datapack .zip file that you downloaded earlier into the datapacks folder

Step 6: Wait for the jar to finish uploading (The progress bar will turn green once it is done) and then refresh the page.

Step 7: Go back to the 'Console' page and run the command reload into your console. The datapack will now load up
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