How to install mods on your Forge server
Your server must be running on a Forge version compatible with your mod. Here's a guide: [[How to install Forge on your server]](

Step 1. Download a mod(s) you want from CurseForge.

We recommend you using SFTP for uploading mods to your server, here's a guide: [[How to manage files using SFTP]](

Step 2. Go to the panel and press View on the server you'd like to install the mod(s) on.

Step 3. Go to your Files in your server panel.

Step 4. Look out for a directory called "**Mods**", and open it up.

Step 5. Put your mod(s) that you downloaded in the directory /mods.

Step 6. Restart your server.

Congrats! Now you have mod(s) on your Forge server.
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