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Minecraft | How to Upload a Mod on your Minecraft Server

# How to Upload a Mod on your Minecraft Server

Your server has to run on Forge in order for you to upload and use mods. Please do refer to this link first to install Forge on your server. How to Install Forge
Installing Forge will reset your world and will make your server only runs Mods and not Plugins
You can also use the Modpack Installer on the if you are a paid user.

1. Install Forge first on your server

2. Start your server once you're done Installing the Forge

3. Locate the folder called mods
This mods folder will appear once you installed Forge and started your server.

4. Upload the mods inside the mods folder.
You will have to use the mods that are compatible to your Forge version, if you are running on Forge 1.12.2 then use a mod that works for 1.12.2 and not mods for 1.16.5

5. Go to Console and restart the server
Your server might take some time to start since mods is heavy

All Done! Enjoy your server with Mods!

Updated on: 26/04/2021

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