How to use a Custom Seed on your Minecraft Server

Your current world will be deleted in this process, if you still like to proceed but want to keep your current world. You can download your current world by following this guide How to Manage your files using SFTP, or make Backup using Cloud if you are a Paid user.

1. First, you need to Stop your server.

2. Now go to your Files on your Server Panel

3. Delete your world folder.
Usually named "world"
You can also reset your nether and end by deleting the "world_nether" and "world_the_end"

4. After deleting your world file, go to server properties
Still on the "Files"

5. Find the level-seed= and put your seed number after the "=" and click save.
Ex. level-seed=1231512091235.

6. You can no start your server with the custom seed you want.
You can check if you have the correct seed by typing "seed" on your console or /seed in game if you are a server operator.

All Done! You have successfully use a custom seed on your Minecraft Server!
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