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Minecraft | How to use FabriCord (Discord for Fabric)

Minecraft | How to use FabriCord (DiscordSRV for Fabric)

Fabricord allows communication to and from discord. Config settings to allow roles to commands and to set your bot tokens and discord channels.

Installing the FabriCord

Go to and download the version that is compatible with your server.

Install it on your server and start it. Once the server started, stop it.
We only need to generate the files

Creating a Discord Bot

Go to and create your own bot and its description.

Go to Bot section and get the Bot Token

Inserting Data to FabriCord Mod

Go to this directory on your File Manager

Fill up the following


The Channel ID will be on your discord server. Just Right click the channel and Click Copy ID

Make "send_wrong_channel_message": true, to "send_wrong_channel_message": false,

Restart the server.

Updated on: 24/03/2023

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