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Minecraft | How to use Schematics WorldEdit

Minecraft | How to use Schematics WorldEdit

First you will have to install WorldEdit plugin on your Server.
Learn How to Install Plugins

Go to your Plugins Folder and Open WorldEdit Folder

Open Schematics folder

The Red One

At first it will be blank and that's where you will upload your schematics
Just simply drag your Schematic File in there

Filename = ModernHouse

After uploading, Restart your server
/worldedit reload will NOT work. You will have to Restart your server

Join your game and type /schem load FileName

/schem load FileName

This should appear

Use //paste and it will generate your Schematics.

All done! You can now use Schematics on your Server!

Updated on: 02/06/2021

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