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Minecraft | How to install plugins

How to install plugins

WARNING: You need your server version to be Spitgot/Bukkit/Paper, or Magma for this article to make sense.

Download the plugin/s you are looking to install on your server to your computer. We'd recommend downloading them all into a new folder.. You can download them here: SpigotMC Bukkit Plugins

Go to your Skynode Panel > File Manager and find the folder named Plugins click it to access the area you need to upload your plugin/s to.

You can upload the plugin/s jar to your server by dragging it. Or using the upload button you can find in the top right. Or you can also use SFTP client to upload a plugin, recommended if you have a lot of plugins to add. How to manage files using SFTP

Once the file/s have finishing uploading (You can refresh the page and check if the plugin is there). Just restart/start your server and your plugins should load in!

You can find a video guide on how to install plugins here:

All done! Enjoy your freshly installed plugin/s.

Updated on: 21/09/2022

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