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Minecraft | How to Setup Geyser on your Minecraft Server (CrossPlay)

Minecraft | How to Setup Geyser on your Minecraft Server (Crossplay)

Geyser Plugin will allow you to CrossPlay Java and Bedrock on one server!

Download the Latest Version of Geyser and FloodGate on the following link
Geyser - Geyser Download Link Geyser-Spigot.jar
FloodGate - FloodGate Download Link floodgate-spigot.jar

Go to your and click View and Stop your server.

On the Left side, Click on Files

Locate and Open the folder called Plugins

Upload the two jar files that you downloaded earlier.
You can Upload it by simply dragging it to the folder

Start your server once it is done uploading

Stop your server again and go to Plugins folder again
We just need it to generate the plugin folder.

Locate the folder called Geyser-Spigot

Open the file called config.yml

Change the following to these
Keep in mind the space after :

port: (the port of your server)

address: (the IP of your server)
port: (the port of your server)
auth-type: floodgate

Click Save and Start the Server

When connecting to your Server via Bedrock Account, you will have to use Numerical IP and PORT
PORT: 25565

You SHOULD NOT use your domain
Example of what not to follow
PORT: 25565
All done! You can now let your Bedrock Friends join your Java Server!

Updated on: 09/12/2023

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