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Minecraft | How to setup Votifier

How to install Votifier.

WARNING: You need to have your server version as Spigot Or Bukkit. You can learn how to install them here:

STEP 1: First you will need to install Votifier as a plugin. If you do not know how to install plugins, please look here:

STEP 2: You will also need to install a voting listener. The most common one is GAListener but this up to you which one you install. The listener controls the reward given to the player.

STEP 3: You will have to create a new port from your panel.

Refer to this Guide Port Allocation for Votifier
Remember the 4 Digit PORT as you will be needing them.

STEP 4: In the Votifier config, you need to change one thing. The port to the one you createad. If you have forgotten then you can go to Configuration > Port Allocations. Then you can view it there.

Please note, do not change the host from unless you know exactly what you're doing. If you change it from it will most likely break Votifier. When adding to voting websites, please use your server IP without the port.

STEP 5: Configure your voting listener.
STEP 6: Restart your server.

All done! Enjoy your new voting system.

Updated on: 30/06/2021

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