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Minecraft | How to add world permissions

How to add world permissions

Introduction: For this tutorial we will be using a plugin called World Guard.


Papermc/spigot/craftbukkit or any other server jars that are able to run plugins.

Step 1: Installing Plugin

Download World Guard and WorldEdit and install them to your server. Minecraft | How to install plugins

Note: Make sure that you get the correct version for your server.

Step 2: Changing flags permission

WorldGuard plugin has a lot of uses, but this tutorial will only focus on how to change permissions in your server world as a whole. If you want to know the uses of this plugin better you can check the plugin WIKI

To change a world permission the command is rg flag -w "(worldname)" __global__ (flag) (deny or allow) you can execute this command ingame with "/" or in console. Example: /rg flag -w "world_end" __global__ pvp deny

You can find the world flags by typing rg flags __global__ or rg flag __global__ list

That's all. Make sure to read the plugin wiki and it will sure help you a lot understand it better.

There you go, if you think that this tutorial is not that helpful feel free to contact us by creating a support ticket.

Updated on: 30/06/2021

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