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Minecraft | Multiple Worlds

Multiple Worlds

Introduction: What is this article about?

This article is about how to create and delete multiple worlds in 1 server.


Your server needs to be Minecraft Java spigot, paper, or bukkit.

Step 1: Installing the plugin.

Download the plugin jar file here

Upload the jar file to the plugins folder. Here's How

Step 2: Creating a world.

Make sure that you are a operator. How?

Type /mv create [worldname] [type] (Example: /mv create tutorial normal)


/mv create world normal

/mv create lavaland nether

/mv create starwars end

/mv create flatroom normal -t flat

/mv create gargamel normal -s gargamel

/mv create moonworld normal -g BukkitFullOfMoon

Step 3: TP to the world

The command to tp to the world you just made is /mvtp [worldname] (Example: /mvtp tutorial)

To tp to your main world the command is still the same but you will have to know your default world name. By default it is named World

How to delete a world?

/mv delete [worldname] and restart your server for it to completely be deleted.

Note: It be best to restart your server after creating/deleting another world to avoid getting your world corrupted.

Updated on: 24/09/2021

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