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Minecraft | How to setup Dynmap

Minecraft | How to setup Dynmap

Go to SpigotMC Website and download the Dynmap plugin that suits your Server Version. Dynmap Plugin

Upload the dynmap file to your plugins folder.

Start your server and Stop it once it started.
We just need to start it to generate the folder for Dynmap

Go to Network Tab

Click the Create Allocation and it will give you a 4 or 5 digit port.

DO NOT make the extra port allocation as your Primary.

Copy the Extra Allocated Port

Go to File Manager > Plugins Folder > Dynmap Folder > Configurations.txt

Scroll down until you find webserver-port: 8123
This is usually on the line 332

Change the 8123 to the port that you copied. In this case, it is 28110 since it is the port given to us.
Be aware that your port might be different so do not input 28110.

Click Save Content and Start your Server

Once your server is online, your weblink will be your Main IP + the Port allocated.

If my main IP is and the allocated port is 28110. My Web link is

Video explaining how to setup dynmap to have an interactive map of your world in your web browser.

Updated on: 27/09/2021

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