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Minecraft | Transferring from a realm to Skynode

Transferring from a Realm to Skynode

Java (MC) , Bedrock (MC)

Step 1: Getting to Realm Configuration

To see the Backup of your realm, you must go to your minecraft client (the game itself) and click “Realms” from the loading screen. From there, you must click the 🔧wrench Icon on the realm, aka Realm Configuration.

Your screen should look like this after you get to your Realm. (Or at least vaguely similar)

Step 2: Downloading your world backup

From the previous image, you see that world backups is highlighted. When you click that your screen should resemble

Now click the button highlighted above, Download Latest. A warning will appear and state that this world will be copied to your single player worlds. Accept this warning.

Step 3: Retrieving the world folder from your single player worlds. If you are on a windows PC, open the file explorer.

In the file explorer, where it says Quick Access, type %appdata% . It should open your PC’s appdata folder. From here, click the same bar in the file explorer and add \.minecraft\ to the File tree (URL) already there. Your screen should resemble this:

From here, Click saves. Your screen should resemble this:

Copy and paste the world you downloaded from your realm to your Desktop, or a location you’ll remember later.

Step 4: Uploading to Skynode

From here, we follow the steps for uploading any custom files to skynode.. SFTP. Read that helpdesk article here:

In Filezilla (or your SFTP client), go to your desktop (Or your memorable save location) on the left pane and drag and drop the ENTIRE world folder into your Skynode server. (Note: you should have at least a server jar file in your server for it to run properly.) Do not copy the contents inside of the world folder, but the folder itself.

After the upload finishes, you can start your server and your realm to server world transfer is complete.

Updated on: 20/05/2021

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