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Minecraft | Upload Your Server Mods To Your Client

How to install mods from your server to your Minecraft client.

In order to join your modded server you will have to install the mod from your server to your Minecraft Client

Requirements: Please read before proceeding with the intructions below.

You must have forge install in your client already

Locate Your minecraft client mods folder

Right click on the windows key and click on run.

Type %appdata% and OK.

Locate and open .minecraft folder

Locate and open mods folder.

Locate your mods folder on your Minecraft server.

Connect to your server files using sftp client. Here's How

Locate and open the mods folder

Transfering your mods to your Minecraft client

Open your server files mods folder.

CTRL+A or select all the mods .jar files

Drag all the mods from your server mods folder to your computer .minecraft > mods folder

Let it finish downloading and you're done.

Once all the tutorial above is done, start your Minecraft client and try joining your server.

Note: every mod you upload in your server must be uploaded to your client mods folder as well. Also make sure that the mods folder you uploaded the mods to in your computer is the right one.

Updated on: 30/06/2021

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