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Project Zomboid | How to upload a custom world/save to your server

How to upload a custom world/save to your server (Non-Modded)

In this guide, you'll learn how to upload a save to your Project Zomboid server. Before we begin, it's important to note that there are two methods for uploading a save: using SFTP and the Game Panel's File Manager. If your save's size exceeds 100 MB, you should use SFTP; for saves smaller than 100 MB, you have the option to use either the Game Panel or SFTP. Please carefully read and follow the appropriate steps based on your chosen method after reading General Information.

đŸ“—General Information

To upload the single player save you've been playing on your computer, you can locate the important folders which we will need in upcoming steps by following this directory:
You can find your save folder here: C:/Users/YOUR_USERNAME/Zomboid/Saves
Settings files in the Server folder here: C:/Users/YOUR_USERNAME/Zomboid/Server.
Inside the Saves folder, you'll find all your save files, allowing you to select the one you want to upload and in the Server folder the corresponding settings files.
Note: Server settings file has all of the settings for the server, including what mods, spawnpoints, etc your world has. Therefore we need to upload these files as well.

Navigating to the Save Folder and Server Folder (Server Side)

Before we do anything, Please stop your server.

For the Game Panel, click on the "File Manager" tab to access the server files. If you're using SFTP, you can view your server files on the right side once you've connected to the server.
Click Here to read the Guide on How to use SFTP to access your server's file!

In this guide you will need to know about following directory: /.cache/Saves/Multiplayer is for uploading the save file and /.cache/Server is for uploading the server settings files. Now lets understand how you can upload them properly!

Uploading Your Save

Using the Game Panel:
If there's an existing save in the "Multiplayer" folder, delete it.
Compress your save into a ZIP file.
Upload the ZIP file by clicking on "Upload" within the "Multiplayer" folder.
After uploading, uncompress the ZIP file by clicking the three dots and selecting "Unarchive."
You'll then see a save folder containing your save's files. Now proceed to the "Uploading Server Settings" section.

Using SFTP:
If there's an existing save in the "Multiplayer" folder, delete it.
Now, you can drag and drop your save folder directly into the "Multiplayer" folder.
Now proceed to the "Uploading Server Settings" section.

Uploading Server Settings

After uploading your save folder, you also need to upload server settings files, which can be found inside the Server folder on your computer.

After uploading the world you want from the "Save" folder. Head over to the "Server" folder on your computer. (C:/Users/YOUR_USERNAME/Zomboid/Server)

In the Server folder, you'll see multiple files with a specific format, but look for files that contain the name of the save you uploaded to the server by following previous section steps.

Once you locate them, upload these files one by one to this directory on the server: /.cache/Server, which is inside the server folder.

Once you've uploaded these files, go to the save you uploaded on the server. Rename it to a single-word name and add double apostrophe on both the sides.
For example, Lets say we want to name it as mypzsave , so I'll rename the folder as "mypzsave"

Now, navigate to /.cache/Server on the game panel. Now you will need to rename them one by one. We'll explain it with the example, now lets say I uploaded the server settings file of save which was having red name. So I'll have like these files:


Since we renamed our world folder to "mypzsave" in previous steps, I will rename the server settings files like the following:


It's important to note that you may have more or fewer files; these images are for demonstration purposes only. However, we hope the pattern is clear. You need to add the name of your renamed save file before the _ symbol to every file you uploaded from the 'Server' folder on your computer.

Finally, proceed to the "Startup Settings" section to update your server settings.

Updating Startup Settings

Navigate to the "Startup" tab on game panel.
Locate the "Server Name" field.
Remove any existing text and enter your world's name without double apostrophe symbol. For example, I will just enter mypzsave and then start your server!

That's it! You've successfully uploaded your Project Zomboid world to your Skynode serve. Enjoy your gaming experience with your newly uploaded save!

If you encounter any issues during the process, don't hesitate to contact us via Discord or live chat for assistance.

Updated on: 17/10/2023

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