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Rust | How to Ban/Unban Players on your Server

You need the players steamID. How to Find SteamID

Methods of Banning

1. Each Steam user has an ID associated with their account. When banned, that account will be unable to connect to your server again, regardless of their username.

/banid "Steam_ID" ["optional_reason"] = Bans a user based on their SteamID.

2. Via their ingame username. This method gets the SteamID of the connected user and bans them via that. Due to this, it is only possible to ban via username while the user is online.

/ban "user_name" ["optional_reason"] = Pulls the Steam ID of the connected user with said username. Then bans the SteamID.


/unban user_ID = Unbans a user based on their SteamID. Unlike the ban commands, do not include quotes around the userid.

Viewing Banned SteamID

/banlistex = Will display a list of all currently banned users alongside the reason if present.

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