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Satisfactory | How to Make Your Satisfactory Server Private

Satisfactory | How to Make Your Satisfactory Server Private

When someone adds your Satisfactory server via IP, the name of your server will be the first thing they see. Thankfully it can easily be changed in the in-game Server Settings.

Once you added your server to your server list, go to Server Settings tab

Anyone will not have access to this unless you share them the password.
The password is the one you entered the first time you connected and created your server.

Once you're done authenticating, it will show something like this

You can now click on Player Password Protection = Change Password

Once you're done. Players will be required to enter a password to join your server.

If you have any other questions, you can submit a ticket on our Discord or create a Billing Ticket.

Updated on: 21/12/2021

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