Minecraft | How to use Voice Chat on Fabric/Forge Server

You will also have to download this mod to your client side.

Download the Mod called Simple Voice Chat
Use [FABRIC] if you have Fabric server and use [FORGE] if you have forge server

Go to your Panel and Click on Server Details

On the bottom left, there is a section called Allocation. You can create any port allocation that you want.
Remember the Port of that you opened (The four numbers that starts with 4)

Go to your Files and Open the folder called config

Upload the voicechat mod in the folder.
Client Side also need to download and upload the mod

Start your server on console and Stop immediately after it says Server Marked as ON

Go again to your Files and Open the folder called world and open again the folder called serverconfig

8 Open the file called voicechat-server.toml

Change the following
port = 24454 to port = (four number from before)

Click Save and Restart your Server.

All done! You can now talk to your friends in Minecraft!
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