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Panel | How to add subusers (multiple accounts)

How to add subusers (multiple accounts)

Step 1: Login to the panel ( and select the server you want to create a subuser for.

Step 2: Click on Users on tab bar.

Step 3: Click the button New User

Step 4: Enter the email of the user you want to add where it says User Email.

Step 5: Select the permissions you would like the subuser to have. Just click on the box (check box) next to it to select a permission.

Step 6: Once you have selected all the permissions want to give the user, click Invite User.

Step 7: Your subuser will get an email to the given email address with their username and password.

You are all done!

WARNING: Always use subusers, never give the password of your account to someone else. With subusers you can easily disable their permissions/account in case of an emergency.

Updated on: 16/04/2022

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