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How to transfer your free server files to your paid server.

1. Connect to your free server files using a SFTP client.
How to manage files using sftp client.

2. Make a folder in your computer that is easy to locate.

3. Once you are connected to your free server files using sftp client, drag all the files from the SFTP client to the folder you just made.

4. Wait for it to finish downloading. Then connect to your paid server files using SFTP client.

5. Once you are connected, delete all the files in your paid server.

6. Drag all the files from the folder you made to the sftp client that is connected to your paid server files. And wait for it to finish uploading.

7. Go to console and start your paid server.

Well done! Your free server files is now moved to your paid server. If you are having trouble following these steps, feel free to contact us by a support ticket.
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