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Rust | How to Enable Whitelist on your Server

Rust | How to Enable Whitelist on your Server

You have to be an Admin on your server to do this How to be an Admin
You need to install plugin to do this. How to Install Plugin

Download this Whitelist plugin

Go to File Manager and open oxide folder and open plugin folder.

Upload the Whitelist plugin on the folder and Restart your server.

To allow a player to connect, you will need to know their SteamID. How to find SteamID

Connect to your Rust Server and Press F1

Use the command oxide.grant user 1234215652113 whitelist.allow and replace 1234215652113 with the Steam ID you got in the Step 4.

Once you press enter. It will whitelist anyone that you type on that in-game console.

All done! You just whitelisted a player on your Rust Server!

Updated on: 30/08/2021

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