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Terraria | How to Upload your own Custom World to your Terarria Server

1. Close your server first on the panel.

2. If you know how to use SFTP, proceed to the next step, if you want to know about it, please refer to this article. How to Manage Your Server Files Using SFTP

3. Open your SFTP (Filezilla) and enter your credentials

4. Locate your custom world from your computer
Usual Location of your Terraria World
(C:\Users\Username\Documents\My Games\Terraria\Worlds)

5. Rename your custom world to world.wld and world.wld.bak
ex. my custom world is and
rename it to world.wld and world.wld.bak

6. Now, on the right side of your server file in SFTP(Filezilla) locate the file "world.wld" and "world.wld.bak" and delete them.
Usually on the /saves folder

7. Now Upload your custom world from your computer (select and right click > Upload)
Upload it on the same folder where you deleted the current world file

8. Start your server and enjoy your custom world

All done! You are now able to play on your custom world to your Terraria Server on Skynode.
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