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Terraria | Terraria TShock Server Commands

Here's a full list of the TShock commands available
Some commands can only be use by an Admin. How to be an Admin on Terraria Server with TShock

/help - Display all available commands
/auth - Authorizes your user as SuperAdmin, must have the auth code.
/user - User functions
/login - Logs in to an account
/logout - Logs out of an account
/password - Change your account password
/register - Register a new account
/accountinfo - Reveals information regarding a specific account
/ban - Bans a player.
/broadcast (/bc, /say) - Broadcast a server-wide message
/displaylogs - Turn on/off logging
/group - Group settings
/itemban - Ban an item
/projban - Ban a projectile
/tileban - Ban a tile
/region - Region settings
/kick - Kicks a player
/mute - Mutes a player
/tempgroup - Add a temporary group to a player
/userinfo - Reveals information regarding a specific user
/annoy - "You are now being annoyed."
/confuse - Confuse a player
/rocket - Rocket a player
/firework - Launch a firework
/checkupdates - Queues an update-check
/off - Saves and turns the server off, after which you will have to restart the server from the control-panel
/off-nosave - Turns off the server without saving, read above
/reload - Reloads configuration settings
/restart - Restarts the server
/serverpassword - Sets or changes the server password
/version - Shows the current version
/give - Give an item to a player
/item - Give yourself an item
/butcher - Butcher nearby NPCs
/renamenpc - Rename an NPC
/invade - Issue an invasion
/maxspawns - Sets and shows maximum spawns
/spawnboss - Spawns a specified boss
/spawnmob - Spawns a specified monster
/spawnrate - Sets the spawn rate
/clearangler - Clears the angler quest completion list
/home - Teleports you to your spawnpoint
/spawn - Tekeports you to the server spawnpoint
/tp - Teleports a player to another player
/tphere - Teleports a player to you
/tpnpc - Teleports an NPC
/tppos - Teleports to a specific position
/tpallow - Enables teleportation protection
/expert - Enables expert mode
/antibuild - Enables anti-build
/bloodmoon - Generates a bloodmoon
/grow - Grows a plant
/dropmeteor - Drops a meteorite
/eclipse - Start an eclipse
/forcehalloween - Force halloween mode
/forcexmas - Force christmas mode
/fullmoon - Generated a fullmoon
/hardmode - Enables hard mode
/protectspawn - Enables or disables spawn protection
/sandstorm - Stops or starts a sandstorm
/rain - Toggle rain on or off
/save - Save the server state
/setspawn - Set server spawnpoint
/setdungeon - Sets dungeon's position
/settle - Settles all server liquids
/time - Displays current server time
/wind - Sets windspeed
/world - Reveals information regarding the world
/buff - Buff yourself
/clear - Clear the chat
/gbuff - Give a buff to a player
/godmode - Enables godmode for yourself
/heal - Heal yourself
/kill - Kill a player
/me - Talk in third person
/party - Party settings
/reply - Replies to a whisper
/rest - REST settings
/slap - Slap a player
/serverinfo - Displays information regarding the server
/warp - Warp settings
/whisper - Whisper a player
/aliases - Alias settings
/motd - Display current Message Of The Day
/playing - Shows a list of current players
/rules - Display specified server rules

All Done! You can now run commands based on what you want!

Updated on: 28/04/2021

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