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Terraria | How to Install Mods on Terraria Server

How to Install Mods on Terraria Server (tModLoader)

1. Download the Terraria mod that you want
The file name should be "example.tmod"

2. Go to your Files at your server panel

3. Locate and open the folder /Mods

4. Drag the tMods that you downloaded to your Mods Folder on Panel

5. On the same /Mods Folder. Create a new file and name it to enabled.json
To create a file, you must click on the File Icon on the Top Right.

6. Using the following format, add the mods to the enabled.json file.

For Multiple Mods


For a Single Mod


7. Save and Start your server
You can type "modlist" on the console to check if you installed it successfully

All Done! You now have tMods on your Terraria Server!

Updated on: 03/12/2022

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