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Truck Simulator | How to maintain the same session search ID with a GSLT Token on an ETS2/ATS Servers

In this guide, we will walk you through adding a GSLT Token to your ETS2 and ATS server, emphasizing its importance & maintaining same Session Search ID for a seamless and secure gaming experience.

A GSLT (Game Server Login Token) is an essential security layer for Euro Truck Simulator 2 (ETS2) and American Truck Simulator (ATS) servers. It serves multiple purposes, such as verifying server ownership, preventing fake servers from overcrowding server lists, and most importantly, ensuring that your server's Session Search ID remains same even through server restarts.


Before we delve into the process of obtaining and adding GSLT tokens, there are some prerequisites:

You must have a Steam account that is neither banned nor blocked.
The account should not be subject to any limitations.
You need a registered phone linked to your Steam account.
You must own the game for which you're creating the GSLT key.
Ensure you haven't reached the limit of 1,000 GSLT keys

IMPORTANT: If your server is discovered to be in violation of Valve's Terms of Service, both the server itself and your associated Steam account could face potential bans imposed by Valve.

Obtaining a GSLT Key

Assuming you meet the prerequisites, obtaining a GSLT key is a straightforward process:

Log into the Steam Community Website: Visit the Steam Community website and log in using your Steam account credentials.

Navigate to Steam Game Servers Account: Once logged in, locate the Steam Game Servers Account section.

Select the App ID: Depending on whether you're setting up a server for Euro Truck Simulator 2 or American Truck Simulator, enter the corresponding App ID:
For ETS2, use App ID 227300.
For ATS, use App ID 270880.

Optional: You have the option to add a Memo as a note for reference, though this step is not mandatory you can add "Skynode ETS2/ATS Server" depending on the game server you have. Afterward, click the "Create" button.

Retrieve Your GSLT Key: Your GSLT key, also known as the Login Token, will be generated and displayed, copy it.

Image For Reference

Adding the GSLT Key to Your Server

Now that you have obtained your GSLT Token, you can proceed to add it to your ETS2 or ATS server:

Access Your Game Panel: Log into your server's Game Panel .

Stop Your Server: Before making any changes, ensure that your server is stopped to prevent any conflicts.

Access the Startup Setting: Look for the "Startup" tab within Game Panel and open it.

Enter Your GSLT Key: : Carefully paste your GSLT key into the box provided below the STEAM AUTH TOKEN field

For example, if your GSLT Key is 583XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX7FA , you will need to enter like the following
Image For Reference

Start Your Server: Once you've entered the token, it'll be saved automatically and then you can start your server. Your GSLT Token is now integrated into your server, ensuring a secure and authentic gaming experience while maintaining a same Session Search ID!

By following these steps, you've successfully added a GSLT Token to your ETS2 or ATS server, enhancing security, and ensuring that your Session Search ID remains the same, providing a seamless and secure gaming experience. Enjoy your gaming adventures with peace of mind!

If you encounter any issues during the process, don't hesitate to contact us via Discord or live chat for assistance.

Updated on: 04/11/2023

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