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Factorio | How to install mods on your Factorio server

How to install mods on your Factorio server

Installing the mod onto your game

Step 1. Find the mod you want to install (For example, An Open Clock).
Click Install

Step 2. Click the Confirm button to reload the game and load the mod you installed.

Installing the mod onto the server

Step 1. Find the mod you installed onto your game on the factorio mods website -

You can find the link to the mod by looking for Mod portal in the table showing information about the mod

Step 2. Click the Download button on the page and sign in.

Step 3. Click Download again and it will download the mod as a zip file.

Step 4. Start your Factorio server in order to generate the files / folders needed. Once it is running, stop the server.

Step 5. Upload the zip file of the mod to the Mods folder in the server.

Step 6. Open mod-list.json and add the lines in the format shown below.

    "name": "modname",
    "enabled": true

The contents of the file should now look like this.

      "name": "base",
      "enabled": true
      "name": "modname",
      "enabled": true

Ensure that the mod you are installing is listed BELOW the base mod or else you will experience issues when joining your server.

Step 7. Start your server and connect to it.

All done! You sucessfully installed mods onto your Factorio server!

If you are experiencing issues, please open a support ticket in our Discord Server

Updated on: 21/01/2023

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