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How to Install Mods on your Terraria Client (tModLoader)

TModLoader server is currently being offered only for Paid users with 2GB of ram and above
To make your Terraria into tModLoader, you have to open a ticket on Discord
NOTE: Only Paid users can request their Terraria Server to become tModLoader

Download the Terraria mod that you want
The file name should be "example.tmod"

Copy your downloaded mod and go to
This PC > Documents > My Games > Terraria > ModLoader > Mods

Paste your downloaded mod on the Mods folder

Start your TModLoader and the Mods will appear on your Mods Tab

The Mods that you will use are disabled by default. You can just enable them easily by click Enable All

All done! You should now have mods on your tmodloader client!
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