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Palworld | How to setup a password on a Palworld server

How to setup a password on a Palworld server

This step-by-step tutorial will guide you through setting up a password for your Palworld multiplayer server. This makes sure no unauthorized players can join your server and you and you friends of group can play without the risk of other players joining the server.

Before starting with this tutorial, make sure the server is offline.

Copy the server IP and port from the console page, or overview page.

Move to the file manager on the control panel and find the file named PalWorldSettings.ini. You can find this file at the following path: Pal » Saved » Config » LinuxServer » PalWorldSettings.ini . The file should now look like the file below.

If this file is blank for you please follow the tutorial on how to setup your settings: (click here to go to the tutorial)

In the settings file you need to paste in the IP and port that you copied from the console page. The IP needs to be surrounded by "" (qoutation marks) and port without them. The IP and port settings are on the last line of the settings file. After you are done it should look the image below.

IP and port

Save the file. You can now head over to the startup parameter page to set your server password.

Startup tab

Locate the Server password setting and set a custom password.

Server password

Start the server and head back into the game.

After you are back in the game, you need to find your server in the community server list.

Due to a bug in Palworld there might be a need to click the "display next 200 results" multiple times before you can search in the search bar. It can take tens of button presses before you can search for the server in search bar.

Join the server, enter the password and you are all done!

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Updated on: 19/01/2024

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